Common Issues and FAQ

How do I register for the forums?
Head over to the forum signup page and create an account.

Forgot your password?
Head over to the forum login page and click Forgot your password.

My e-mail changed and now I cannot reset my password.
If this happens use the form below to provide as much detailed contact information as possible (Name, address, phone #, date of birth, username, and prior e-mail address). This will help us verify and locate your account.

I cannot stay logged in or get an error logging in.
When you login make sure to click “Stay logged in”. If that still does not work, clear all cookies associated with this website from your browser and try to login again.
Don’t know how to clear cookies? Here is a tutorial: How to remove cookies tutorial

How do I start a thread?
To create a thread you need to be logged in, then go to the forum which best suits your topic and look for the “CREATE NEW TOPIC’ BUTTON. To post a reply to a topic look for ‘REPLY’ next to the post you wish to reply to.

How do I review a gun?
To review a gun, go to REVIEWS, then navigate to the Gun Model by choosing the Gun Type, then the Manufacturer or Country of Origin, then clicking on the Model Name. On the Model Page, choose your Star Rating next to “Rate & Review This Gun” to bring up the Review Form. If you can’t find your Gun Model, click the “Add Gun Model” button on any Manufacturer or Gun Model page. Please DO NOT add an already existing Gun Model.

I got banned, how do I get unbanned?
OK, so you’ve been banned. There was likely a good reason, and we rarely reverse these decisions. But, if you feel you have a good case, use the form below to give us the details.

Use the form below to contact us with any issues or questions: