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Military Surplus Guns

Select a country below to view the guns that originate there.

The standard British Rifle of the First World War and used extensively during the Second World War.
The German Mauser 98K was the standard German long arm of the Second World War
The Gewher 98 was the standard rifle of the German Empire in the First World War
The M1917 was an American Service rifle that saw use in both World Wars.
The Mosin Nagant is a Russian/Soviet bolt action rifle that was produced in vast number during both world wars.
The Russian SKS is a semi-automatic carbine chambered in 7.62x39mm.
The Swiss Schmidt–Rubin Model 1911 was the standard straight-pull bolt action rifle of the Swiss Army during the early 20th Century
The Japanese Type 38 rifle was introduced in 1906, and served the Japanese Empire until 1945
The Japanese type 99 rifle served the Japanese Empire during WWII
The M1 carbine is a short stroke piston carbine that served the US military from WWII until the 1970s.
The standard US rifle from 1936 through the 1950s.
The US M1903 is a bolt action rifle that served the US Military from 1903 until retired as a sniper rifle in Vietnam.