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Pump-action, break-action, semi-auto, bolt-action, shotguns of all types. Select a manufacturer below to view their models.

The Benelli Montefeltro is an inertia operated semi-automatic shotgun
Browning's revived humpback. Modernized, reliable and with a new kinetic drive system.
Mossberg's iconic pump action shotgun
Mossberg's tactical military shotgun. Comes with a heat shield and bayonet mount.
Remington's Model 1100 was the first widely successful gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun.
The Remington Model 11 was Remington's first semi-automatic shotgun
The Remington Model 11-48 is a semi-automatic shotgun offered by Remington produced shortly after WWII.
The Remington 11-87 is a gas operated semi-automatic shotgun
Remington has built over 10,000,000 model 870 shotguns. Known as the blue collar shotgun, it is affordable and reliable.
Remington Model SP-10 10 gauge gas operated, semi-automatic shotgun
Remington's mid-priced, gas operated semi-automatic shotgun
The Remington Versa Max is a semi-automatic, gas operated shotgun
The Winchester Model 12 is a pump action shotgun built by Winchester in the 20th century.
The popular Winchester Model 1897 pump action shotgun.