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  1. Cnix
    "Marlin .22"
    Type of User:
    Casual Shooter
    Model Year:
    Chambered In:
    YEAR Purchased:
    Number of Rounds Fired:
    Between 1001 and 5000
    Build Quality:
    Fit and Finish:
    Ease of Operation:
    Overall Value:
    Pros - very accurate, very reliable
    Cons - hard to clean the receiver
    Would You Recommend This Gun?:
    This gun was given to me by my grandfather when I was six as my first gun. Since it was my first gun it will always be special to me. I have shot somewhere between 4000-5000 rounds through it. I remember almost every day I would come home from school and grab the gun from under my bed and head outside for a much needed R&R shooting. What I love about the gun is that it will always shoot. In the now 13 years I have had this gun and 4+ thousand rounds I think it has jammed on me less than 10 times. The gun is very reliable. It is not only reliable but very accurate as well. Many times I have took this gun squirrel hunting and has always proven itself to me. As funny as it may be this is probably my favorite gun I own just because of the place it has in my heart being my first gun. I wanted to write this review to give personal testimony of how well this gun was made and how after 35+ years and thousands of rounds this gun is still shooting with excellent performance and accuracy!
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