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HK VP9, does it meet HK Standards?

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Slytiger, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Slytiger

    Slytiger Charter Member

    What's your take on this pistol? All the shills hate it. I really like mine. I haven't shot it enough to know if it is any less reliable than any other striker fired polymer pistol yet.

    I have a grey frame one. These have been very affordable lately. If you get the chance, hold one at a gun store. I couldn't stop wanting one after I tried the HK mag release and felt the grip. They are accurate as hell.

    Did you guys ever see that MAC video to where he threw it at he steel target?

    Is HK really all that great now? Maybe not, but for a few decades, HK did stuff that people still haven't done with AR-15's yet, like the MP5SD.
    All HK's have to pass super tough NATO testing, all HK rifles are free floated, and all HK barrels are made of fancy cannon grade steel. About all models have polygonal rifling, chf barrels.
    HK also pioneered polymer, and made the first striker fired pistol.

    The Colt Python of semi autos is the HK P7.

    I do not think the HK VP9 is crappy, I just think that HK doesn't pay Shills.
  2. ZDunn

    ZDunn Administrator Staff Member

    This is the gun they introduced a few years ago, right? Pretty sure this came to market like 4 years ago or so. Honestly, I've never owned HK, I've shot a lot of USPs but never any of their polymer stuff.
  3. Travis7.62

    Travis7.62 Charter Member

    More of a Glock and wheel gun guy myself. Looks cool, but looks aren't anything when it comes to a gun. My IO looked awesome, but I kept shredding the damn rubber buffer and the gun just didn't run without it.

    Is this just HKs glock?
  4. ZDunn

    ZDunn Administrator Staff Member

    Well sorta. It is a striker fired pistol and it probably has the heavy trigger like these guns have, and if you own a Glock you know what I'm talking about. Most of these handguns like the Glock, and M&P have a lot in common, the XD seems to have some real design differences.
  5. Travis7.62

    Travis7.62 Charter Member

    cool. I'm happy with my G19 and G17, and my model 29 S&W. I don't need another handgun, my wife would kill me
  6. ZDunn

    ZDunn Administrator Staff Member

    I'll be the first to admit I'm no expert, but you can't go wrong with Glock. I'm looking at photos of the VP9 broken down, like any striker fired handgun it is simple. In fact it looks like a glock/M&P. Probably not a heck of a lot of difference. If memory serves me correct S&W got in big trouble for copying the Glock with the M&P and the SIGMA. This looks a lot like it.

    Like anything German, it is probably indestructible and engineered like a combination of a swiss watch and a brick.

    HK makes a solid firearm, it's why they cost what they do. May have to add this to my wish list.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2017
  7. Slytiger

    Slytiger Charter Member

    I think the Glock 19 is probably the best pistol ever made. No one else can still get the memo of the 4 inch barrel, perfect grip, and low bore axis.

    The VP9 is almost like a striker fired P30 with a 4 inch barrel and 15 round magazines.

    Where I think the VP9 fell short is the large size of the grip. I do think it's the best out of box pistol, along with the Sig p320c.

    Compared to the Walther PPQ, people say the PPQ recoils hard for a 9mm. I preferred the HK vP9 over the PPQ, but the PPQ is a top tier pistol.

    The thing where the vp9 shines is the perfect grip and aim.
  8. ZDunn

    ZDunn Administrator Staff Member

    I've always been impressed with HK's user friendliness so to speak, and the grip looks better than what is on my G19.
  9. Slytiger

    Slytiger Charter Member

    I will say what little I know about Glocks. It was actually HK that pioneered the whole polymer frame thing with polygonal rifling. Polygonal rifling is the shit.

    The guy, gaston Glock, used the Luger grip angle and it gives the Glock a low bore axis and makes it so small and sleek compared to any other gun on the markets. It is actually the same angle if you make a fist and point for most people.

    The polygonal rifling gives it some good FPS, to where the velocity readings are about the same as a G17 and even G26. I believe there is a 19 fps difference max.

    I think the hump is what people trip on. I just can't believe that people think the Glock is blocky yet not the Sig p320c, or any Sig for that matter.
  10. Travis7.62

    Travis7.62 Charter Member

    I hate sigs. All the Sig fanboys harp on the Glock being a brick with a heavy trigger. I just don't have issues with my Glock, my Buddy had an issue with his P228 had to send it back to have it worked on.

    You right about that Luger angle too, Glock fits my hand perfectly. Loos like this HK is pretty good on the hand too.
  11. Slytiger

    Slytiger Charter Member

    What's been going on?? Any new guys here from the ak files?

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