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Discussion in 'Rifles' started by Slytiger, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. ZDunn

    ZDunn Administrator Staff Member

    My 870 was built in '91, most of my US guns are older. I'm very careful what US guns I buy, I may get another Savage model 11. The 11 has been a solid rifle and I've been impressed with Savage, they don't get the attention other rifles get but they seem to be solid.

    My Glocks are solid, all Austrian guns.

    After Rob's review, Im looking at the Arsenal 107R. Probably grab yet another WASR as well.
  2. Travis7.62

    Travis7.62 Charter Member

    Yeah I've heard Rem is kinda getting into trouble. My 700 has been solid, as have my 870s. But I don't hear too much bad about 870s. What happened to your extractor?
  3. stryker009

    stryker009 Noob

    I only buy American. Never had a problem with my Colts.
  4. ZDunn

    ZDunn Administrator Staff Member

    Good for you. I like Colt 1911s and their old wheel guns. When it comes to firearms, there is room in my heart for anything solid, and that include the 3 commie guns I own. Celebrate diversity as the saying goes, at least when it comes to things that go bang
  5. Travis7.62

    Travis7.62 Charter Member

    COlt makes a good revolver, Dad has a trooper in .357. Solid gun.
  6. Slytiger

    Slytiger Charter Member

    I've been bitten by every American gun I have owned. My Remington 870 has a bad extractor claw, where they need a true steel extractor. And my m&p9 was atrocious and had barrel prelock issues that affected accuracy.

    The one revolver I want is the French Manhurin GIGN 357 revolver with a 4 inch barrel.

    There are some decent American made guns. Daniel Defense and several others. My PTR is American made. Ha

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