Firearms and Ammunition Prices Dropping

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Firearms and Ammunition Prices Dropping

by | Feb 14, 2017 | General Gun Discussion | 0 comments

After the election and inauguration of Donald Trump, firearms prices have begun to drop nationwide.  And it’s not just firearms. Ammunition, magazines and firearm accessories are starting to dip in prices as well.  The last 8 years of paying exorbitant prices on firearms and ammunition have come to a close, finally, and none too soon.  Since the inauguration of President Trump, and a promise of an administration friendly towards firearms and the shooting community, prices have been dropping.

Take for example the Palmetto State Armory AR-15 kit.  Four months ago, I would have had to spend over $550 to a build solid AR-15.  Now, with the deals they are running I can build one for around $400.  WASR-10, AKs, once considered the budget AK pattern rifle, had soared to almost $800 during October 2016, can now be found for around $600 and prices on these rifles continue to drop.  Handguns are becoming affordable again, as have home defense shotguns.  Just about the only firearm type that has stayed where it is price wise are bolt action hunting rifles.

Ammunition costs are quickly returning to reasonable prices, and I’m actually able to find it again.  .223/5.56x45mm is available in abundance, and prices have dropped at most online stores by as much as $50 on cases of ammunition.  7.62x39mm had become scarce in 2016, but is now overflowing in gun stores nationwide. Prices on 7.62x39mm have likewise plunged. By far, one of the largest improvements is the return of .22 long rifle ammunition to store shelves accompanied by a price drop. No longer is .22 worth its weight in gold, and here’s to hoping we return to a $15 carton for 500 rounds.

Magazines, from imported AK and G3 mags to Magpul AR-15 magazines, are also to be had right now.  Expect to pay $8-12 still for a decent budget magazine for your rifle, and I don’t expect to see a major price shift there at all.  Not that magazines were ever truly expensive for the most common firearms in the first place.

Accessories such as Chest rigs, shooting rests and cleaning supplies have also seen a drop in price.  Sportsman Guide, Centerfire Systems, and Classic Firearms have all been running accessories sales just to name a few.  I have noticed bayonets, cleaning kits, and even shooting rests all falling in prices, and I believe they will continue to drop well into the summer time.



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