A Great Hunting Rifle, The Savage 11

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A Great Hunting Rifle, The Savage 11

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Rifles | 0 comments

Of all the beloved firearms in a shooter’s gun case, his deer rifles are often the most cherished.  From lever action Winchester 94s to sporterized M1903s, each deer rifle has a story or will have a story one day.  If you are on the hunt for a new deer rifle to put in your safe and take to the deer stand, I think I have a winner to suggest.

The Savage 11

The first model 11 I bought, was an 11/111 in .243 with the Accu-trigger and synthetic stock.  I had always been a Remington man and still, consider the Model 700 Remington to be one of the finest rifles ever to grace a deer stand or be carried through the lodgepoles in Montana.  But the Savage 11 has done much to bring me over to the ”dark side” so to speak.

For one, I’ve never met a Savage Rifle that had accuracy issues, and I’ve fired an awful lot of them.  Even the budget Axis rifle is known for it’s out of the box accuracy.  I can attest to having shot a few of these rifles, that they live up to their reputation.  I’m talking sub-MOA group at 2-300 yards with a budget Bushnell scope on there.  But I digress, the model 11 is not axis.  It is a Rifleman’s rifle, with a traditional clean look, solid action, and rugged reliability that hunters depend on.  I’ve graced my rifles with Leupold, and the Savage’s take well to these solid optics.

This past year, with light fading and 10 minutes left to the season, I took a doe at 200 yards with a Savage 11 in .270 with a Leupold scope.  The silky smooth action allowed me to jack another round in the chamber quickly, but it was unneeded as she fell quickly to the single round I fired.

Sighting in the rifles on the range have all happened quickly within 10 rounds, and I haven’t noticed too many flier rounds.  Especially if the rifles is given a chance to cool.  Every model 11 I’ve shot has either sub-MOA or 1 MOA.  For a deer hunter that is way more than I could ask for. I have to admit, I have found them to be more accurate overall than the Remington 700.


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